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Hello & welcome!

  • Are you a woman with caring responsibilities for others?

  • Do you also work in a high pressure environment?

  • Do you get overwhelmed with all the demands of daily life?

  • How often do you feel like you’re ‘running on empty’?

  • Have you forgotten WHY you chose your profession?

I work with lot’s of women just like you, working in the most high pressure caring roles, with 101 demands on their time from work, family and friends. Women who have forgotten that the first rule is to take care of themselves if they are to be able to care for others!

I have been one of those women!

Would you like some help to enable you to pause & breathe; to reconnect with your why; to gain a renewed sense of joy in your life; turn vague hopes and dreams into actual plans and create a life that you love?

If the answer is YES then let’s have a discovery call to explore how we could work together.

Pam Luckock Wellbeing Coach

Pam Luckock Wellbeing Coaching

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